Mindfulcase symbol logo design


We live in a fast paced world where everyone is constantly immersed in their technology. This lifestyle of constantly being engaged, always thinking about what task is next, is causing stress and anxiety for a lot of people. Mindfulcase hopes to break this negative cycle by creating tactile, engaging phone cases that distract the individual from their technology. These simple cases allow the individual to focus on something benign, to be mindful and focus on the present moment. The simple practice of being mindful for just a few moments can greatly reduce stress and anxiety. 

I was tasked with creating a word-mark and symbolic logo that would encompass the conflicting ideas of mindfulness and a phone case. The concept behind the visual symbol combines the ephemeral idea of mindfulness with the concrete idea of a phone case. The rectangle is an identifiable visual of the phone case, and sheltered within it, is the representation of mindfulness. In order to see a falling droplet of water an individual must focus all their attention on that exact occurrence. In that moment of watching the droplet fall, the individual is completely in the present. The droplet is water in action, it is moving downwards to where it will come to a resting state. Thus, it represents the mind focusing, moving towards a resting state of mindfulness.