This project was the fusion of visual and technological exploration of ways to represent moments. Our life is made up of a compilation of memories of moments. Some forgotten, some hazily remembered as if they were a dream, and some as vivid as if they had just occurred. Through animation and film i explored how these moments could be represented and visualized. 


Life is about cycles, a start and a finish, a beginning and an end. Even non-living things go through cycles. The sun rises and sets everyday, which in turn nourishes life on this planet. The seasons are a cycle, spring, summer, fall, winter, they often form a perfect analogy for Life. Spring is birth and growth. Summer is the majority of your life, and love. Autumn is the journey into old age, then wrapping up of a life. Winter is cold and lifeless like death. 

Process Book

After my film was completed I created a process book to give insight into my thinking. It was designed like a parallax website, one continuos image. I did this to represent the timeline that makes up a movie, a series of clips linked together to form a cohesive piece.

Above - the book in a page spread view

Below - the book in a single page view

OCAD U Project - 2013